Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Second blog

Listening to the State of the Union speech and thinking about what I've read, no one seems to really think about what has happened in this country.  We have the income inequality of Paraguay; we have less upward mobility than other countries.  Our recycling technology is twenty years behind the times.   We are number one in internet piracy but that isn't something of which to be proud.  Politicians keep touting that we should reduce our dependence on foreign oil yet won't fund renewable energy resources such as solar power.  If we had spent even half of the $36 billion per year oil company subsidies on solar, we would have solar power taking care of everything.  Right now,  there are people in Africa who are using solar panels on their huts for electricity.  I WANT THAT!  Change is going to have to come from "below;" individuals are going to have to change and then the politicians can try to keep up.  Too bad politicians have so much power and don't seem to pay attention to things around them.  For example: the Republican congressman who said that since God said that He would not cause a flood to destroy the Earth, that means that man doesn't have to worry about man destroying the Earth.  My thought:  just because God said He wouldn't do it, doesn't mean He would stop man from doing it.  We are just one of His creations on one of His planets in one of His galaxies in one of His universes in one of His dimensions. 

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