Saturday, February 25, 2012

I am seriously worried about the world.  Humans are not paying attention to what is being done to the environment.  Nature is very egalitarian.  When the pandemic(s) strike(s), it won't care if you are rich, poor, old, young, or where you live.  The earth and fire dragons are awakening, partially due to fracking.  I do what I can to care for the environment, to be the custodian according to my beliefs.

Monday, February 13, 2012

I was thinking about a statement I had heard.  "Thwarting God's Will."  How does a human thwart God's will?  Would not that make the human more powerful than the most powerful entity in the Universe?  God is all-powerful, all-seeing, has existed since before Time, knows what everything/one will do long before it is done.  He/She/It set up the laws of the universe; evolution, plate tectonics, processes.  How could one thwart the will of such an entity?  I propose that it is impossible.  He/She/It gave us free will.  But that doesn't mean our thoughts/plans/actions are unknown.

Friday, February 3, 2012

First Time Outside

I am still working on the first rewrite which is I am hoping to be the most massive one.  I am trying to get up to three rewrites done with this one massive one.  So far, I have added 15,000 words and I am only halfway done with the chapters.  So, I am right on track.  This first rewrite should be about 75,000 words.  The novel is on track to being 100,000 words long when all the rewrites are done.  And I am enjoying the story now that I am slowing down the speeding bullet to a far more sedate speed.