Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Food for thought

Nature will have the last laugh.  Man destroys the Earth; the Earth with its new characteristics will destroy Man.  God is probably already having the last laugh.  We were given free will and given stewardship of this planet.  Have we created Heaven or Hell?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Script Frenzy and Your Story

I finished the script for Script Frenzy.  I wrote my first script and I wrote 100 pages in one month.  I feel good about it.  Now it has to be edited.  However, it needs to get in line after the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo and some short stories I want to write.  And I wrote another story for the Your Story competition from Writers' Digest.  The prompt was the first line must be "You will not believe what came in the mail today."  I had fun writing it.  Let's see if it makes it to the finalist round.  I doubt it.  I have read what makes it to the finalist round and I have yet to be able to read one of those short stories from start to finish and they are less than 750 words. 

Dragons have awakened

The dragons have awakened.  First the Earth Dragon.  When he awakened, the 9.0 earthquake occurred in Japan.  He lifted his head when he appeared.  He had been sleeping.  Then the Water Dragon burst up into the air from the bottom of a lake.  Shortly thereafter, the series of tornadoes and storms and deluges in the Midwest of the US occurred.  Now, the Fire Dragon is slowly lifting his head.   What is the fourth dragon?  I believe the fourth dragon is disease.  There is a plasmid called NDM-1.  And a plasmid can enter any species of bacteria to confer its abilities.  It has already entered several dozen species of bacteria.  Nature is updating her arsenal.  What happens now is anyone's guess.  I am watching for what happens now that the Fire Dragon has been awakened.